Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Photoshop Training Syllabus

Photoshop Training Level 2: Intermediate

# Photoshop Level 1 here #

1 Day Course

Compositing Images

Working with Layer Masks

More Tools

  • The Extract Command
  • The Background and Magic Eraser Tools

Working with Illustrator and Photoshop

  • Placing and working with Illustrator files in Photoshop

Retouching Images

  • Using the Clone Tool and the Pattern stamp
  • Using the Dodge and Burn Tools
  • Using Blending modes to correct images
  • Using corrective filters

Photoshop Actions

  • Recording actions, and batch processing

Colour Correction

  • Using Levels
  • Using Hue and Saturation
  • Using Colour Balance
  • Adjustment Layers

Blending Modes

  • Using blending modes for layers
  • Using blending modes to apply paint

Advanced Blending Modes

  • Using Knockout options

The History Brush

  • Using the History brush to restore from History states

Advanced Selection Techniques

Working With Channels

  • Creating and Saving Brushes and Patterns
  • Creating textures

Clipping Groups

  • Using layers as masks for other layers

Shape Tools

  • Using Vector shapes in Photoshop
  • Creating Clipping Masks and using them together with Layer Masks


  • Creating visual and audio notes that appear on your image
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Paul F Adams

Adobe Certified Instructor

Specialist in the Adobe Creative Suite.