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Adobe Illustrator Level 2 Outline

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1 Day Course

Application Overview

Create a complex illustration

  • Convert raster graphics to vector graphics
  • Create a banner graphic
  • Export a graphic for the Web
  • Apply color management so that colors match as accurately as possible
  • Prepare documents for composite and commercial printing

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating Complex Illustrations

  • Topic 1A: Create Shapes Using Pathfinder Commands
  • Topic 1B: Create Compound Paths
  • Topic 1C: Organize Objects with Layers
  • Topic 1D: Offset Paths
  • Topic 1E: Create Symbols
  • Topic 1F: Create Custom Pattern Brushes
  • Topic 1G: Modify Global Colors
  • Topic 1H: Apply Effects

Lesson 2: Creating a Vector Version of a Raster Graphic

  • Topic 2A: Open Layered Photoshop Documents
  • Topic 2B: Manually Trace Raster Images
  • Topic 2C: Auto-Trace Raster Images

Lesson 3: Creating a Banner Graphic

  • Topic 3A: Simplify Paths
  • Topic 3B: Create Clipping Masks
  • Topic 3C: Create 3D Effects
  • Topic 3D: Create Blends
  • Topic 3E: Share Graphic Styles

Lesson 4: Exporting Graphics for the Web

  • Topic 4A: Convert Colors to Web-Safe Colors
  • Topic 4B: Create Slices
  • Topic 4C: Export Web Graphics

Lesson 5: Applying Color Management

  • Topic 5A: When to Use Color Management
  • Topic 5B: Set Up Color Management

Lesson 6: Outputting Documents

  • Topic 6A: Print a Composite Proof
  • Topic 6B: Create Color Separations

Appendix A: Adobe® Certified Expert (ACE) Objective Mapping


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